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Right, I suppose I better write some kind of introduction.

My name is Les Farrell (although you knew that already, from the title of the page!) I’m a middle aged programmer and I’ve been writing code over 27 years now, mostly at the same company. During that time I’ve been the senior programmer on several commercial pieces of software mostly aimed at the maritime market.

As well as writing marine software, I’ve also written various pieces of custom software. Some of which has been used to interface with various hardware devices, everything from household extraction fans, smart water meters, weather stations up to and including dehumidifiers.

I’ve gained a knowledge of a wide range of technologies and programming languages including C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Python, SQL, JSON and have written commercial applications using all of them.

My most recent projects have included writing software for Thames AIS. A onboard safety system giving a view of the river and other vessels as well allowing the vessels skipper to transmit passenger figures to Port Authorities using the vessels transponder.