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Python Applications

As well as various bits of Python to automate in house tasks I’ve written a small number of larger applications.

Tug Height

Tug Height is a small program currently used aboard tugs with hydraulic wheel houses. Which allow the boats operators to see over obstacles, for example when pushing barges.

Because of the risk of collision with things like bridges etc it’s important for the vessel to know its air draught. To calculate this the vessels are fitted with a sonar distance sensor which calculates the wheel house height above the deck. I wrote a Python application which interfaces with this sensor and using some additional user supplied details calculated the vessels current air draught.

Applications main screen.

Thames AIS – Passenger Counting System

As well as writing the software used on the larger vessels allowing vessels to track each other. I wrote a small application for the smaller Rigid Inflatable Boats on the Thames which allows the Skipper to enter the number of passengers on board using a small keypad and display. These figures are then sent to the vessels transponder and transmitted using VHF radio. This allows the Port Authority to know both the vessels position and number of passengers on board at all times.

Application being tested on a Raspberry Pi.

Keypad and display fitted to a RIB console.